Tbate: Starting Anew - Chapter 34: It has began (2023)


At the harsh voice we all turned to see Retainer Lyra Dreide walking towards us from the tunnel. I quickly took my full sovereign form asking a question I already knew the answer to.

"Retainer Lyra, what is the meaning of this?" I said using my aetheric aura to strike fear into her. By the looks it did work since she stumbled back as I rose up from the ground staring into her soul.

"THIS MEANS A NEW ERA YOU FALSE SOVEREIGN! PREPARE TO LOSE!" she shouted before black wind enveloped her and she disappeared.

I instantly commanded everyone to get back to school expecting the worst. Before we could leave I heard a panicked voice in my head. It was Sylvie.

'Papa! Sovereign Kiros attacked Father! He took us hostage! PLEASE HELP!'

Before I could say anything back to her she started talking again.

'Father says they won't hurt us so you shouldn't come here now, he says go to the estate Zireael gave you in Truacia.'

I told her to stay calm and stay close to Agrona. I was a bit worried about leaving them alone, but what the old man said made sense. Kiros killing Agrona would make the public oppose him. Most people would only accept him if Agrona openly made him his successor and to achieve that he needed him alive.

We all hurried out of the dungeon. Thankfully Alea only woke up as we were leaving so my identity was still a secret from her. She went to report the incident along with Uto who is going to be coming to my estate in Truacia after the report was made to the council. After we took the still unconscious Professor Glory back to the academy we set off. At first Tessia didn't want to let me go, but she realized we didn't have a choice. She made me promise to stay safe. As an insurance I left Regis in Xyrus in case anything would happen.

I opened a portal to the estate. I have only been there once before and even that was for just a few hours. It was the time the dominion's sovereign gave me the estate as thanks for improving her economy.

As we arrived the head butler immediately lead us to the meeting room on the second floor. Even just running through this estate I saw that it was very beautiful I didn't notice the last time I was here. I decided to actually move here if for whatever reason I needed to leave Dicathen.

When we got the room I noticed it was full. Most sovereigns, wraiths, scythes, retainers were present. This gave me a good idea of who was on my side and it was easier to sum up the people who weren't.

Based on the room and what the other quickly caught me up on our enemies were: Sovereign Kiros, Wraith Richmal, Scythe Dragoth, Retainer Lyra.

Looking at this list I was slightly confused. The people in this room could've easily stopped this coup, but they decided against it. It took me a few moments to realize the reason was a possible war with Vechor which would mean unnecessary loss of life.

They informed me of the scale of this coup surprisingly only Taegrin Caelum was taken over. It seems Kiros thinks for him to become High Sovereign sitting in the throne is enough.

We spent hours planning how we were going to retake the castle. It seemed Kiros would be staying still for a while since he hasn't even tried to contact the central army's commanders, so our main priority currently was rescuing Agrona and Sylvie.

Ulrike informed me that he was still in the castle when the coup started and pretended to stand with them he informed me that my grandfather and Sylvie were taken to a high security prison in Vechor. Thankfully Zireael already acquired the plans so everything is going to go smoothly. Remembering Agrona's message however I suggested to postpone their rescue to be happen at the same time as our attack on the castle.

As the meeting started coming to an end the Sovereigns asked me to come with them. They took me a room resembling a throne room and told me to walk up to the throne. Before I could even process what was happening they all kneeled before me and in sync said:

"Sovereign Grey, By High Sovereign Agrona's will we officially recognize you as the High Sovereign of Alacrya!"

This came as a shock to me. I knew this would happen sooner or later, but since part of the plan was Agrona's rescue I expected for nothing to change. It turned out that Agrona was already expecting this coup to happen so in a meeting where I wasn't present he officially declared that in the event of a coup I was to be made High Sovereign regardless if he was alive or dead.

The old man played me yet again.

Being recognized as the leader of this continent came with a lot more responsibility than I would've liked at this time, but it made sense. All of the Sovereign were the same rank meaning if we would have continued like this our forces wouldn't have a central leader just multiple leaders who may disagree with each other, but they choose to place their trust in me, so I had no choice but to accept.

Suddenly Zireael walked to open the door of the room letting all the others walk in who also took a knee just as the sovereign stood up. It appears that they were all told what was going on inside, so I really was the only one out of the loop.

I quickly asked the Sovereigns to contact the armies under them and I sent Seris and Viessa to ascertain the loyalty of the Central dominions forces. With this done we decided to start theorizing about possible next steps for out foes and I even brought up a possible attack on the academy. Kiros knew that I was attending the academy thanks to Lyra and it seemed that an attack was already being planned by his forces.

Caera offered to go to the academy since she could easily fit in with the others. I gave her permission and asked Zireael to contact the director about her arrival, but she couldn't make contact. That was when dread started to set in. The director was supposed to still be at the academy she only disappeared last time after Alea's death and right now she was not only alive but the event would've only happened hours ago. Not to mention the fact that Alacrya and Dicathen had diplomatic relations so that meant her being Alacryan would be a good enough reason to put her in prison.

And that was when it hit me. Kiros currently acting as High Sovereign was able to contact them, more specifically the dwarves who were still probably planning on attacking the other in an attempt to become the dominant race on the continent just as Rahdeas and Olfred wanted to in the last time line.

Regardless of the fact that we couldn't inform anyone other that Regis of Caera's arrivel in Dicathen I opened the portal. My companion was obviously overjoyed to have his 'crush' in the academy.

We talked for a few more hours trying to make preparations for every possible occasion when suddenly I received a terrifying transition from Regis.

'The attack has began! And I can't find mother!'


Well, hello there!

I don't have much to say today other than I hope you all enjoyed today's chapter.

With today's events to story is really going to pick up at least for the next few chapters.

We are also getting close to the end of my plans for this fic, but that doesn't mean I am planning on ending it. I merely don't have it planned until the end. Don't be scared I am going to come up with something!

This has been Salty and see you all tomorrow!

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